About Evergreen East

Evergreen East is a farm located in Twiggs County, GA about 25 miles Southeast of Macon. Our farm is currently practicing sustainable methods without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We focus on raising heritage breed livestock and locally adaptable fruits. We believe the livestock and fruits we raise contain rare and valuable genetics that need to be preserved.  Currently we offer PYO Blueberries (during season), heritage pork, and grassfed lamb. We have many other fruits planted and are building a livestock herd that will begin to offer our customers grassfed beef in late 2011/2012. We are working hard to establish a schedule with the local farmer’s markets in Middle Georgia, and will post our whereabouts on our facebook page. Please contact us with any questions about our products or our farm, and we look forward to meeting all of you in person.

David and Karla Green

Phone: Four Seven Eight Nine Seven Two One One Nine Eight

Hogs Grazing

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  1. Hey.. great blog. Very informative about how you are doing things and figuring out the actual inputs and costs of your opperation. I wish I could do better at things like that. We don’t live in the South, but I’ll still check in often to see what you have learned and passed on to the rest of us.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I looked at your blog also and like the article on bacon. We’re interested in the Buckeyes’s as well…we’re wondering how much labor involved in keeping a small flock of them?

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