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Thank you for your interest in purchasing our products.  We will be attending the Mulberry Street Market in Macon on Wednesday evenings and the Perry Farmers Market on Saturdays.  Please come see us and we’ll provide you with some very tasty, locally and sustainably produced Pork.

Our CSA brochure is here:

EE CSA Brochure

And our *updated* pork order form here:

EE Pork Half Order Form

And our beef order form here:

EE Beef Cut Sheet

Visit our LocalHarvest page!

we are accepting deposits on half hogs.  see additional info on half hog here, and call or email with questions.

Our hogs are raised outdoors and express much individuality, so the weight of the hog will vary a little from what is outlined below.  But, you can expect roughly the following when purchasing a half hog:

  • Ham – 14 Pounds
  • Chops – 10 Pounds
  • Bacon - 7 Pounds
  • Sausage – 12 Pounds
  • Boston Butt or Shoulder – 8 Pounds
  • Ribs – 2 Pounds
  • Tenderloin – 2 Pounds
  • Hocks – 1 Pound

Our recommended choices for the order form are:

  • Hams – cut in half and fresh.  (if cured, it is a country ham which some find too salty)
  • Shoulders – can’t go wrong with fresh and any of the choices.
  • Ribs – whole
  • Sausage – Medium, Fresh
  • Bacon – cured
  • Chops – 1 inch, tenderloin in the chops

Please see this link for more information.

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  1. Curious about your meat options, packages, & deals. Thanks!

  2. Allison – Thanks for the inquiry. Right now we are only setup to sell pork, and we are selling all of the pork as a half. A half will provide you with between 50 and 75 pounds of meat. This can include portion sized chops, tenderloin, ribs, shoulder, ham, sausage, bacon, and other items. The 50 or so pounds of meat is not as big in the freezer as it might seem…can fit into two paper grocery bags. We can have the cuts done any way you prefer, so that you get your half hog processed exactly to your needs. Our pork is so much better tasting and better for you than what can be purchased on the shelf at the grocery store. The hogs have lived their entire lives outdoors grazing, rooting, and otherwise acting like pigs. For more information, please call or email. We can also send you a brochure. In the near future we will be adding chicken, lamb, turkey, and beef to our offerings. Thanks again.

  3. Patricia Horvath

    I received a flier today and even though I’m not usually a pork consumer (sorry), I was intrigued. I’ll let me friends know about your product and how to reach you. I know about 3 families that currently drive 1.5 hours each way for “natural” beef.

  4. I saw your ad in the St. Joseph Church bulletin. I’m thrilled to learn of a local producer of pasture-fed meat! Can you please send me more information, specifically prices, how to order custom cuts, etc. Thank you.

  5. Nice flier David! I’m glad it seems to be working for you guys. Keep it up!

  6. David,
    I live in Macon and am very interested in the Meat CSA that you are starting this year. Would you email me some information about it? Thank you so much!

  7. David, I am thoroughly enjoying my pork! It actually tastes the way pork should, and the way I remember from my rural childhood. Grocery store pork is so flavorless that I always used a lot of spices and sauces just so it would taste like something. Your pork is so good that anything more than some salt and pepper is really unnecessary, unless you’re just in a mood to play with seasonings. The half-hog fit easily into the freezer compartment of my apartment’s fridge; if I have room for it, anyone should. I will recommend you to my friends and will monitor your site for news of available beef and lamb. Thank you so much for working hard to provide local, sustainable, high-quality food. Nancy Anders

  8. Nancy – thank you so much for the kind words. We will continue to work very hard at taking care of our livestock to ensure a steady supply of our product. Also really appreciate you spreading the word.

  9. Your brocure mentions that you plan to start a meat CSA in 2011. I am interested in the status of this effort. We would be interested in learning more. Thank you.

  10. Susan – thanks for inquiring about the CSA… We’ve decided to focus on the farmer’s markets this year instead of the CSA. Please find us at Mulberry Street Market on Wednesday’s and Perry Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s. We’ll post our schedule on our facebook page. We will provide to the best of our abilities your desires in naturally and humanely raised meat. Please let us know how we can best serve you.

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