Using Hogs for Plum Curculio Control

Found a very interesting article on disrupting the life cycle of plum curculio by feeding dropped apples to hogs.  The article is located at:  It seems that the Plum Curculio (a chief pest of orchard fruits) burrows into the apple, causes it to drop, and then moves into the soil to overwinter to attack again the following year.  To combat this, the researchers ran hogs through the orchard after the apples dropped, but hopefully before the pest moves into the soil.  The hogs ate the apples which contained the Plum Curculio, and complete digestion of the worms was observed. 

This is a great example of the benefits of diverse agriculture systems.  The hogs gain weight on the apples, and the trees eliminate a pest that is currently controlled in most cases with costly and potentially unhealthy chemicals.

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