Winter 2015 Update

Folks – Hope everyone is doing and eating well.  So, it’s been awhile since we updated…my only excuse is we have been busy farming and raising youngins (who are now 22, 19, 17, and 16).  The farm has grown quite a bit since we last updated, and we’ll share some of the details towards the end of this post.  We have transitioned to continuing the grassfed beef, woodlot pork, and have now added pasture raised Chicken!  The chicken is the only truly pasture raised chicken offered at our markets.  All of our products are available through Karla’s Evergreen East Farm CSA…details of which you can find at the markets we frequent.  We frequent the following markets:

Mulberry Market Wednesday’s 430 -630 or dark most every Wednesday.

Wesleyan Market 9am to 1pm 2nd Saturday of the month.

Perry Market seasonal weekly and Karla goes 1st and 3rd Saturday’s out of season.

International City Thurday’s 430 -6 or dark most every Thursday.

Please come see us and sign up for the CSA.  The CSA offers 16 pounds (or 8 for a half share) of our Beef, Pork, and Chicken (with lamb and rabbit as options when available) every month.  Note that prices haven’t increased since the CSA began four years ago even though the value has increased.

The CSA has become our whole avenue for folks to get our products, so be sure and become a member.  We look to transition to attending markets less frequently in 2015…as in once or twice a month versus weekly.  More details to be shared soon, but it is important that we provide for our customers and balance the time demands.

Our farm now includes over 80 Mama Cows 3 bulls and about 60 calves growing, 3 Sows and their young (about 30 pigs), and seasonally about 400 chickens.  Oh and not to forget Malcolm the guard donkey (and my best friend).  We now partner with neighbor farms for our rabbits and lamb (all raised sustainably).  We farm about 255 acres of pasture, and never spray any chemicals or till the land.  We use legumes to improve the soil.

Please see us and like us on our facebook page as it gets updated much more frequently:

Send us an email or give us a call with any questions.  Thanks.

David –



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