2012 Update

Folks – it’s been awhile since we posted, so wanted to update all on the farm.  Current livestock inventory includes about 60 hogs…6 Mulefoot Sows, our Mulefoot Boar, 3 Tamworth Sows or Gilts, one young Tamworth Boar, and one Hampshire Gilt….and their litters and about 15 Hampshire feeder pigs.  We are still at five Pineywoods cows and our bull, but have five calves…3 steers and two heifers.  Then our Sheep herd includes about 40 ewes, two rams, and about 25 lambs growing for market. 

Forage wise we have cleared and planted about 90% of our open land (which includes about 55 acres).  We have planted many different forages for the stock over the past year including Rye, Ryegrass, Oats, Crimson Clover, Millet, Sunn Hemp, Indian Grass, and Beggarweed.  We will continue to plant the annuals for the next several years as we continue to improve the soil with our manures and lime. 

Our soil tests continue to improve with PH numbers and all mineral numbers improving.    Am convinced that in a few years we will have completely transformed this soil from unproductive cutover to the richest soil in our area.

Market wise, we are 100% direct marketed and almost 100% direct to consumer.  We visit the Mulberry Street Market on Wednesday’s in Macon from 4 to 7pm, the Fall Line Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s from 9 to 12 in Milledgeville, and the Perry Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s from 8 to 12 in Perry.  We are investigating a few other markets in the local area as well, as well as a few restaurants, but at this point we are marketing all we produce.  This year we have also been able to do a better job of staying in stock with our customer’s favorite pork cuts, but lamb and beef have been absent from our freezers for most of the year.  We are saving all of our female cows and sheep and will grow our herd to the point of being in stock on these throughout the year as well (we should have some exciting news in this regard in the near future). 

Our goals remain the same: Our goal with raising hogs (and cows/sheep) is to produce the healthiest possible pork (and beef/lamb) in the most sustainable manner.  Imagine zero off-farm inputs, and minimal labor producing healthy pork.  To expound upon healthy, visualize pork that has meat nutrition beyond that of Wild Alaskan Salmon, and the fat and oil nutrition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Umbrian region of Italy. 

Through this production and marketing we strive to grow the Local Food markets in Middle Georgia to a much greater part of our culture and way of lives.  We believe in supporting each other in these efforts, so give me a call if there is anything we can do to help with these efforts.

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