Middle Georgia Local Meat Market Share

As we think about Local Food, an interesting and exciting way to think about the potential is to analyze the market share of Local Meat.  Many companies within America have achieved staggering rates of market share growth.  While market domination is not a goal for local food that I think is achievable in the coming decades, I do believe Local Food should grow it’s market share.  A nice goal for market share for local food could be 5% by 2017…5 years from now.  Let’s see where we might be now by first looking at our local population:

Our are of Middle Georgia includes the following populations:

Bibb County
Houston County 140,713
Peach, Crawford, and Monroe Counties 66,772
Twiggs, Bleckley, Pulaski, Dodge, and Wilkinson Counties 65,372
Jones and Baldwin Counties 74,369
Laurens County 48,439


About 551,380 People.  Next, we should look at annual meat consumption:

Beef 64
Pork 52
Chicken 53
Turkey 14
Lamb 1
Fish 15


When we put the two together for our study, we see the following:

Mid GA Population–> 551,380  
  Annual Per Person Total Lbs Consumed
Beef 64 35,288,320
Pork 52 28,671,760
Chicken 53 29,223,140
Turkey 14 7,719,320
Lamb 1 551,380
Fish 15 8,270,700
  Total—> 109,724,620

If we were to take an educated guess at the local food market share of the meat consumption of our area, if we added up all farmer’s that market locally we would come somwhere near 100,000 to 300,000 pounds.  As an example, our farm is in the 12,000 pounds a year range.  The local meat market consists of local abbatoirs, commercial catfish operations, and local farmers that direct market their meat.  So, that puts our market share somewhere in the .2% range.  The production and marketing would need to double almost 5 times to reach the 5% goal.  This could happen, but our industry would need to bring on many new farmers, new abbatoirs, and new marketing solutions…all new jobs.  We would also have to penetrate the market in different ways…grocery, restaurants, CSAs, etc.  These ideas could be a future blog post, but wanted to get some folks thinking…  What do you think should happen?

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