1st lamb of 2011

While doing the sheep count to ensure all were accounted for, got a treat today with our first lamb of 2011.  Very exciting…haven’t seen a baby lamb since last spring.  The Ewe had just lambed when I got to her, so the lamb was very awkward on her feet as she suckled her first colustrum.  This is the second single lamb for this Ewe.  Not as desirable as a twin or triplet, but we’ll feel blessed nonetheless.  Since we graze multi-species, there was much excitement at the new arrival.  Every heifer had to come see and smell the new lamb.  Malcolm had to come make sure it wasn’t a threat.  Then Malcolm decided to chase everyone else around in some form of celebration.  I’m thinking we’re going to move the sheep and Malcolm to a new paddock to reduce some of the multi-species stress, but we’ll see.  Worried about the horns on the bull and heifers.  Have three more Ewes that look about ready to lamb, but some of the others may be due also, as this one today didn’t look ready to me yesterday…

Brownie with her 2011 Lamb

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  1. Glad to hear you guys re doing well. The lambs are definitely a nice addition. We can’t have them this far south, but it is nice to admire other’s. Good job!

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