A most wonderful Ham Hock

Mulefoot Ham Hock

You know…we’ve been using ham hocks for years to season greens, beans, peas, etc.  We recently used our first Mulefoot Ham Hock from the two hogs we had processed.  Please take a look at that hock – that is the hock sitting in water with an onion.  Absolutely amazing…There is no comparison in the quality of this heritage local pork to what can be obtained from the grocery.  We used this hock to season some local turnip greens that we harvested, and after much turnip green washing and picking, a few hours of simmering, and a little added spice…woooheee!  Not even close to any we’ve made before.  Just had to share that.

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  1. I’ll come and take some pictures if you’ll share some of that ham hock! I need to talk to you about where to get mulefoots (feet?). I don’t think anyone sells them in Texas.

  2. FYI – I found the Tree Crops book. Very informative. I also saw a largish Honey Locust in Missouri this last Fall. Pods were all over the ground. I picked one up, but I wish I had grabbed more because I want to try and germinate the seeds. I’ve had some success with hard seed in the past on other species.

  3. Steven – here’s the AMHA breeder listing:
    A few in TX.

    irt Honey Locust…we just got 35 HL trees delivered…they’re only about 1.5 feet tall, so we’ll likely keep them in a temporary bed until next winter. Looking forward to when they are more like 15 feet tall and producing a healthy quantity of pods…

  4. Thanks for the link!

    35 honey locust! That sounds like a lot, but it will be worth it considering how much those trees dump bean pods. Do you plan on planting them in groupings, like a honey-locust orchard, or are you going to spread them around? Also “Tree Crops” mentions something about grinding the beans so that the extra nutrition (sugar) can be absorbed by the livestock. What are your thoughts on that?

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