Mulefoot Meat

A couple weeks ago we received from the processor two of our Mulefoot Hogs.  Oh my Lord…you wouldn’t believe the beauty and taste of this meat.  Here is a picture of the first porkchops we cooked.

After a few minutes and a few sprinkles of Cavender’s, these were some outstanding chops!  There is certainly a difference between this pork that was raised humanely and locally outdoors and the store bought pork that is raised indoors.  We’re very proud of these hogs.  Great Ham, chops, bacon, sausage, etc.

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  1. It’s good to see you are back my friend, and reaping the harvest from what I can tell :) .

    I hope things are going well for your farm, and that you guys are hanging in there.

    How does traveling and farming fit together for you? I do a lot of traveling, and I’m concerned about it affecting my ability to manage the farm when we get there in about a year.

  2. I see you aren’t eating the “farmer” cuts. :)

  3. Thanks Steven. Hope y’all are doing well. You know…we have to eat the “high on the hog” cuts in order to be able to market them intelligently. That’s the only’s marketing related…haha. The traveling works mainly because of a wonderful wife and some good feeders and waterers that last more than a few days. One of us still ends up checking on the livestock once a day almost all days, but the labor requirement is low due to the feeders/waterers we have. The nice thing about traveling is it gives you time to organize your thoughts, get caught up on phone calls, etc. Lot of work required as you know, but very worth it.

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