Hog Raising Must Dooz and Hard Lessons

  1. Never run out of food.  We use these feeders from Brower.  We’ve tried several other options, but these are the only trouble free feeders we’ve used.
  2. Never run out of water.  We use the P-80 Waterers from Franklin.  Still need to figure out how to set these up with a float valve for auto-filling. 
  3. Don’t scrimp on fencing.  Must have electric with strong perimeter.  Check the fence often as the pigs will if you don’t.  We have hog and combo panels from TSC.  We have had electric off and on, and are currently learning our lesson with the electric fence. 
  4. Keep them stupid.  This one is related to #3.  If the pigs ever get out, they will continue trying to get out again unless you can make them stupid again…which takes time and strong electric fencing.

Right now, I’m out of town, and the some of the pigs have gotten out.  They got out earlier this week when we were getting some timber cut in their area.  So…we’re learning #4 again the hard way.

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  1. So what do you do when the pigs get out, and you’re out of town? Do they come back with coaxing, or do you have a neighbor that helps your wife get them back in?

  2. The hogs have only gotten out once when I was out of town. Karla and the kids and their friends were able to coax them back into our secure compost bin. They were about a 1/2 mile from their pasture, but the compost bin was on the way. They stayed in the compost bin till I got back…served a purpose of adding some nitrogen to the compost…haha…

    All I did was feel terrible that she had to go through the stress…not much else I could do. Made sure the electric was installed as soon as I returned, and always check the electric now.

    Notice I said the hogs have only gotten out once when out of town…the cows are another story…our wonderful neighbors had to help get them back when they got out (also when I was out of town). For some reason, the livestock mind me…not quite like the kids.

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