The purpose of “Feeding Hogs in the Deep South”

Hello, and welcome to our blog!  The purpose of this blog will be to catalog a repository of information that will ultimately lead to a system that can be replicated for feeding hogs sustainably in the Deep South.  Our goal with raising hogs is to produce the healthiest possible pork in the most sustainable manner.  Imagine zero off-farm inputs, and minimal labor producing healthy pork.  To expound upon healthy, visualize pork that has meat nutrition beyond that of Wild Alaskan Salmon, and the fat and oil nutrition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Umbrian region of Italy. 

She's smiling...really.

She's smiling...really.


Currently, we keep our hogs in pens that allow for approximately ¼ acre per hog, and allow them to forage on pasture, roots, acorns, and some turnips that we interplanted in the pasture.  We also heavily supplement this diet with conventional feed bought from the local feed store in 50 pound bags and poured by hand into their feed bowls.  

This feeding process (while we believe is significantly healthier than conventional pork production) is not as sustainable as we desire, and certainly requires more labor than will enable the scale we could achieve on our farm.  

Over the ensuing weeks, months, and years, we will share our research, trials, and even mistakes on this blog to enable others to produce healthy pork sustainably in the Deep South.  We will interview sustainable and conventional hog farmers, former hog farmers, university and government personnel, and anyone else with knowledge of pork production.  We will research new and historical books, new and historical journals and publications, magazines, other blogs, message boards, and anywhere else we can find information on this subject.  The repository of this work will be available to the public on this site. 

 We invite comments.  Please comment  or feel free to contact us via email or phone. 

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  1. Hello David, Your blogs are fascinating. I am happy to have met you today at the Perry Farmers Market. I look forward to visiting your farm and bringing bamboo foliage to see what your animals like to eat. Do your pigs run? What is the most athletic breed of pig. (Not good farm questions, I realize) Yours in bamboo, Daphne

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