Monthly Archives: November 2010

A most wonderful Ham Hock

You know…we’ve been using ham hocks for years to season greens, beans, peas, etc.  We recently used our first Mulefoot Ham Hock from the two hogs we had processed.  Please take a look at that hock – that is the hock sitting in water with an onion.  Absolutely amazing…There is no comparison in the quality [...]

Mulefoot Meat

A couple weeks ago we received from the processor two of our Mulefoot Hogs.  Oh my Lord…you wouldn’t believe the beauty and taste of this meat.  Here is a picture of the first porkchops we cooked. After a few minutes and a few sprinkles of Cavender’s, these were some outstanding chops!  There is certainly a [...]

The economics of a Sow and her Piglets

A sow with five piglets.  Conventional agriculture might describe this as a unsuccessful farrowing.  However, this would be an average litter size for a Mulefoot Hog.  This farrowing represents Evergreen East’s fourth “successful” farrowing and smallest (1st three – 7, 7, 6).  I’d like to consider this in the context of sustainability and determine if [...]