Monthly Archives: March 2010

Another set of Twins…both Ewe Lambs!

Wow, today we had another set of twins!  Two beautiful Ewe lambs.  This puts us at 5 Ewe Lambs and 3 Ram Lambs to add to our flock of 5 Ewes and a Ram.  Only one Ewe (this was her first year) has not delivered lambs, and she does not look pregnant.  We’ll let her try [...]

1st year Ewe with Single Lamb

This 1st year Ewe had a single Ram Lamb.  She does not seem to be as protective as the 1st two Ewes…must be a 1st year thing.  The lamb is nursing though and doing great.  Very large lamb.   On the day he was born there was a double rainbow in Twiggs County…one of the many perks of being a farmer…