Monthly Archives: February 2010

93s Lambs

Ewe number 93 had twins today!  Beautiful Lambs!  She doesn’t seem as capable as 4026 was right after birth, but both lambs have nursed the valuable colostrum.  One ewe lamb and one ram lamb.  Totals lambs now are 3 ewe lambs, 2 ram lambs. Here is a picture of the five lambs together…

Our first Lambs!!!!

Today we had our first lambs.  Our flock of five Ewes has one three year old ewe, one two year old ewe, and 3 ewe lambs.  The three year old ewe (4026) had triplets today!  Two ewes and a ram! Not sure what time they were born as when I went out to farm first [...]

The purpose of “Feeding Hogs in the Deep South”

Hello, and welcome to our blog!  The purpose of this blog will be to catalog a repository of information that will ultimately lead to a system that can be replicated for feeding hogs sustainably in the Deep South.  Our goal with raising hogs is to produce the healthiest possible pork in the most sustainable manner.  Imagine [...]